This is a defining moment in the life of Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church. As a congregation with many expressions, we share a goal of upholding our traditional, Wesleyan heritage to share with future generations in the coming decades. Reflecting on what we believe as faithful Christ followers, who we are as a church body, and how we are serving the world is central to the process of discernment in the days ahead.



Members of Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church should prayerfully consider the following reasons when voting to separate from the greater United Methodist denomination:

To preserve its mission. Through separation, Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church seeks to strengthen its role as a leading Methodist congregation without disruption and distraction by denominational leadership.

To retain its principles and practices of traditional orthodox Weslyan theology.

Theological Misalignment. Progressive theology is quickly becoming the prevailing standard within the greater United Methodist denomination. Some Bishops, pastors and most United Methodist seminaries no longer believe or teach that Jesus died for our sins. This group no longer believes or teaches that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the only way to God the Father is through Him. (John 14:6) They no longer believe in the authority of the Bible as God’s Word.

To own all its church property free and clear of any trust claims by its current denomination. Separation will release Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church property from the United Methodist property trust clause – a historical claim made by the United Methodist Church and written into our articles of incorporation to retain ownership rights to our church property.



Limited Timing: Bishop Holston and the board of trustees have given a March 1, 2023 deadline to complete this process. If not completed by March 1, the process will be delayed until 2024. There is a concern that when the General Conference meets in 2024, this separation process may no longer be available or may be more difficult and expensive.

Revised Mission: A new senior pastor may be assigned to Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church with a revised ministry focus and new programming to reach different audiences. Church culture and community climate will shift.

Terms Will Change: In 2024, a new South Carolina Conference Bishop could be appointed. He or she may assert influence and make it harder and more expensive for churches to leave the South Carolina Conference.

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How did we get here?

The United Methodist Church has never been truly united. For about 50 years, church leaders have been distracted, divided and in disagreement regarding Christology (who Jesus is), Biblical authority and interpretation, sexual ethics and the definition of marriage.

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Where do we go from here?

Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church joins other congregations in the South Carolina Conference in discerning a new future outside the United Methodist Church. Each church must choose a discernment pathway that best reflects its theological beliefs, core values and Christian mission in the world.

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